Backup Salon Submission Page

Your image files have had trouble being submitted for confirmation.
Please use this link below to submit your entry image files.

The NAME of your image files should be the image TITLE with NO spaces or special characters,
as previously registered here (title and category)
(you MUST register all your entries' category and title here first!)

PLEASE EMAIL the images attached directly to (not embedded in) an email sent to me at this email address: (click here)

(this email address has sufficient storage to handle the large image files that are used for Salon display and judging)
(Remember each filename MUST be the same as the image's title.)
(Remember each image file must be ATTACHED [which preserves the filename], not embedded [which does not])

Thank you for your understanding and help during this transition period..

Thank you for your submission and interest in the PPSCF Salon.