PPSCF membership has categories for full time, active professionals as well as aspiring, student and associate photographers. Whatever your place in the industry, there is a level of membership that will fit you best. In order to join, come to one of our meetings and pick up a membership application form at the door. You are welcome to stay for the meeting as our guest and get to know our members as well as see what we are all about.




Entitlements include reduced admission to monthly meetings and discounts at PPSCF work-shops and seminars, a listing on our website with a link to your website, use of the PPSCF logo and name in your advertisements.  In addition, Professional Membership entitles you to hold office, vote in all affairs of the organization, and submit prints in our monthly Peoples Choice Awards and our quarterly print competition.


NOTICE: To be considered as an Active Professional Photographer of the PPSCF, it is imperative that you have a valid Florida Resale Tax ID and an Occupational License or Business Tax Receipt, whichever applies to your county and/or city.



Aspiring membership means you are in process of becoming a Professional Photographer. Entitlements include attendance at all monthly meetings, seminars, and workshops, entry into monthly Peoples Choice Awards competitions.  You can not use the PPSCF logo, you will not be able to vote on PPSCF matters, hold office or submit prints in our quarterly print competitions.



Must be a current employee of an established photographic studio.  Member is entitled to the same benefits as described in the Self Employed Membership, including voting rights and the ability to hold office.  The employee’s studio owner must sign the application form attesting that the employees’ duties are photographic in nature as described by the applicant on his or her membership application.



Qualifies two (2) people to be members.  They both must be active within the same photographic studio.  Membership entitlements include all the benefits as described in Self Employed Professional Membership. Each additional studio employee is an additional $49.



Must be enrolled in full time attendance at a recognized photographic school.  Proof of enrollment is needed for each active membership year.  Student members cannot vote or hold an elected office, use the PPSCF name or logo in any manner or compete in the quarterly print competitions. You will be entitled to attend meetings, seminars and workshops, enter monthly Peoples Choice Awards print competitions.



Vendors within the photographic industry that will benefit from a cross-marketing relationship with PPSCF members. Vendors can submit ads for custom advertising in our monthly digital newsletter including links to their company’s website.


All membership dues and renewals are payable on January 1 of every year.

PPSCF Financial Statements are available for PPSCF members by contacting PPSCF Treasurer Julie Hughes-Fioretti.