Eligibility: You must be a member of the PPSCF in good standing to submit an entry.

Maximum Entries Allowed: You may submit up to 4 entries (that includes 1 album)

Case Fees: The case fee is $10.00 (payable at the door)

Categories: They are as follows:
Social Functions
Electronic Image/Art Tech
Fine Art


Image Registration Information:
File Preparation:
To get detailed instructions on how to prepare your files prior to submission, CLICK HERE.

Basically, you will prepare your images the way you would as if you were going to have a 16×20 printed for FPP, however, you will resize it to 8×10 at a resolution of 125dpi, and then place that 8×10 centered on a 10×10 black mat (i.e. letterboxed), and save to a jpg at quality level 12. If your image is already on a black background, add a thin 2 pixel off-white stroke to differentiate the “8×10″ from the 10×10 background. (See detailed examples and instructions in the pdf above.)

File Names: The file name should be the image title with no spaces or symbols (file name example: maryslittlelamb).
However the actual title of the image should be typed out normally (title example: Mary’s Little Lamb)

Album Preparation: Albums must also be registered online, you must create a title page image for online registration.

Create a file folder of your page-spread album files numbered in the correct sequence and compress it as a Zip file. Make a new image title page numbered 000, sized 10×10 at 125dpi with a black background and only the title of your entry in large white plain text, and include that in the zip file. After zipping up all the spreads and the title page, use the SalonAlbumEntryPage to send the zip file to the PPSCF Salon Chair. You must still register your Entry Title page when registering your individual images,

How To Register Your Images: To register your entries, click on the link below and enter the information on the form and then click “Submit Entry” at the bottom of the screen only once. You must allow time for the files to upload and wait for the confirmation message, thanking you for your entry. If you do not get a confirmation message, that means the entries were not sent and you must re-submit. This is only a pre-confirmation that the files were uploaded and not an actual confirmation that they were received by Ed.




After you have submitted your images, you will see an acknowledgement message below the SUBMIT button and also receive an auto-response email acknowledgement. Later (within a day or so) should receive an email directly from Ed confirming that your images have been received. It will contain a list of your entries.

NOTICE:   YOU MUST RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL FROM ED, IN ADDITION TO THE THANK YOU AUTO-RESPONSE, CONFIRMING THAT HE HAS RECEIVED YOUR IMAGES.   If in the event you did not receive a confirmation email directly from Ed, you must contact him immediately to confirm that your entries were received.


ENTRY DEADLINE:   All entries MUST be submitted no later than 5:00pm on the Saturday prior to competition.   We will not be accepting any entries after that time…no exceptions.