Photo by Gian Carlo

Join us for the New Year as we welcome Gian Carlo, named Rangefinder’s Top 30 Rising Stars

Program Description:
WHERE TO BEGIN TO FIND YOUR VOICE, an inspiring talk on redefining your work and a live demo with hands on practice.

For most of us, when we begin our journeys as wedding photographers, inspiration comes easy. We are inspired because everything is new and amazing. During this time, we create our identities as wedding photographers. We develop our style, and embrace the adventure of being an artist and entrepreneur.

However, as time passes, we become busy with all the demands of running a business. We have little time to spend looking for inspiration, things are not as new anymore and we are not inspired as we were before. We often are committed to a style of shooting and editing and we are more afraid of change and tend to stay in our comfort zone.

There have been many points in my short career as a wedding photographer where I too have been at similar creative crossroads. I want to share my journey of how I went from feeling uninspired, unsure, and at best, like a pretty good copycat photographer. I want to show you how I recreated my voice as a wedding photographer at the mid-way point of my career and how it not only transformed my work, but also my career and business.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018, 6 pm
Meeting Details:

6:00pm-6:30pm Check in and Social
6:30pm-7:00pm Business in Focus
7:00pm-9:00pm Program with guest speaker, Gian Carlo

Where: Orange Studio – 1121 N Mills Ave., Orlando Fl 32803. |

Parking: Parking in the back of the building or on the streets.
Plan to eat before or after the meeting, check out some of the great restaurants nearby

Members: Admission is Included in Your Membership
Non-members: $20

- This is a live demonstration, you are welcome to bring your camera.

About Gian:

I have always loved photography for its power to communicate and transcend time. I like photographers who have understood how to do it well.

I want to make photographs to tell stories that celebrate life and love but in ways that feel genuine, emotional, and vulnerable. I want imperfections. I want love to feel somehow raw and real. I love the mess and the chaos and the flawed that life brings with it. I want uncontrollable waves of laughter and inconsolable tears. I want silent moments and glances people share somehow lovingly and uncomfortably somehow at the same time.

For the past five years, I have been photographing other people’s lives on their wedding days mostly. I can only hope that my photographs will also someday remind people of their own life and their adventure.

Rituals are a vital part of our society, and I think so is photography.

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Jan 15, 2018
Written by ppscf